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Measuring up: Competitors use these pants as the benchmark. Athleticism has nothing to do with gross motor skills, but rather with exactly coordinated technical details. And this is what the X-BIONIC® Bib Tight targets. The bike industry has in fact recognised this and declared these high-tech pants as a reference point for all others. Anatomically shaped, functional zones fit together seamlessly. That's only of of the many advantages of the circular knit bike pants that has been fully detailed to enhance performance. This guarantees that you are cool, warm or dry exactly where your body needs to be. The unique, three-dimensional structure optimally manages your temperature regulation: Warms when you're freezing, and cools when you sweat. Partial Kompression also works for you to maintain power in your thighs even on long stages. That improves blood circulation, stabilises your muscles, and takes into consideration your skin as a cooling surface. It's the newest standard in compression technology.